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Salient Features

1. Experienced and well versed management with all time presence on the campus.
2. Dedicated and devoted staff members.
3. Faculty recruited from all parts of india for adding competance to the learners at the global level.
4. Focus on self study under the guidance of supervisors.
5. Audio-visual learning modes (smart classes).
6. Language lab for english coaching modules.
7. Maths lab is established to get to the bottom of basic concepts.
8. Specialists and councellors for additional activities.
9. Trained Coaches for sports lovers.
10. Noise free campus.
11. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) building.
12. WIFI Campus.
13. CCTV survellience campus.
14. Uninterrupted power supply.
15. R.O System for water purification.
16. Transport facility for all routes.
17. Perpetual contact with parents via media apps.
18. Routine medical checkups for the students.




  •   24 hrs. electricity backup.
  •   Fully A.C. block for all the classes.
  •   R.O. system for water purification.
  •   Fire safety campus.
  •   Reasonable fee charges.
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High Dreams International School
Saphire/Enclave, Laroi Road Bhogpur
Contact no.:- 0181-2723008, 2723009
Email : highdreams.school@gmail.com